Necrolette, Part 1, Realization

I rounded the corner, almost slipping in the rainy streets. I peered around the corner hoping for a clear path to safety. My hideout. My hair was dripping now, falling in my face and distracting me from the task at hand. I brushed my hair back with my hands, covered i filth from falling thrice… Continue reading Necrolette, Part 1, Realization

Sentiment (or how I found something under the bed)

I sit facing the computer screen: I sit absorbed in another’s words, frequently reaching for the Garfield mug that holds near-cold tea (delicious), and once I’ve swallowed I lick its taste off of my lips. My eyes occasionally drift from the screen; tired green eyes with ever so dark smudges under them (the down side… Continue reading Sentiment (or how I found something under the bed)