The Dream

The blood was everywhere. It flowed around her body. The darkness was infinite, and the blood was never ending. Its energy flowed, in tendrils, inviting her to play. She lifted her arm to reach out for the tendrils of blood, but she couldn’t move. Fear gripped her body, and she began to struggle against the… Continue reading The Dream

The Young and The Motionless

I’m just a child… a person that can’t live without fear, a person that can’t live without pain. Buried in my thoughts, I live without a soul. My mind is empty and dark. My body lies motionless and bruised on the dirty floor. My wounds still bleed from last night’s beating. I stare into nothingness… Continue reading The Young and The Motionless


There is nothing in this world for me. Nothing of substance. There cannot be companionship, happiness or even lonliness anymore. Everything is void & I can’t understand why. I can only press on, moving forward for no reason. Only to survive. But why? What’s the point? Doesn’t matter anymore. Only the cold & thoughts of… Continue reading Neo-Christ


outcast… tears falling down… drowned by the emptiness i feel inside… knocking off my brain… damn!!! what a life… full of regrets and sorrows… unwanted… thoughts of nothingness… breaking the silemce… of my fast beating heart… darkness… bestowed upon me… i was buried alive…


Foretold, cosmic shadows fell unnoticed in your eyes in my tears For the nothingness that overwhelms stabs us silently… gently… making blood more luminous than the sun.

My Love cupid’s D E A D!

Argh! I dont know what is wrong with me recently. Im feeling meloncholy, frustrated, love sick ect…and all this is coming from someone who is prosaic. I dont know wether im acting like this because im on the beginning of my menstrual cycle, and it is THAT what is making me feel soo amiable.But, it… Continue reading My Love cupid’s D E A D!