A Vision & A Notion

You’re blind to visualize the inside of me, My withered outside has withered me to be, Nothing more than a selfless creation, Thriving in a clustered dead notion. Ruthlessly wounded the roads of life, Now I’m left to wither away with strife. My soul’s lost games with self & the world, Now I’m left without… Continue reading A Vision & A Notion


.. on this rock that the “norms”call earth, technology was supposto kill you but instead, you adjusted and gained the power to HATE everything except the adrinaline rush that keeps you killing the “innocents” who think and wish, death would come and drag you to oblivion, to the bottomless pit of darkness from which you… Continue reading ETURNALLY UNRAVELING.. CONTINUED..

little short and useless statement

(Darkness or gothic topic, if both, all the better) ce n’est pas l’habillement qui fait la personne mais la personne qui fait l’habillement… (It’s not the clothing that determins the person yet the person that determins the clothing) all these posts about being goth, posers, what is being goth about, not wearing happy clothing, etc… Continue reading little short and useless statement


i have to admit it. nothing i wrote was real. i just listened, then my fingers typed mechanically in a rush what i remembered. i don’t really write. i just translate sounds and colours. it’s kinda like music. i have to admit it. nothing i wrote was real. i just copied. every word has a… Continue reading unity

A poem

Through this Conscious sunshine I struggle to be seen and more over felt by a faciest society with no more morals than the cement which paves our world. Who then, can I confide in other than those who most certainly have not the slightest notion of what ails me? or other than those trapped in… Continue reading A poem