Don’t Complain

Be thankful you’re in a society which even has Goths. Where i’m from, Singapore, Asia, its nothing but culture, culture, culture. Well, heck! I mean, we don’t even have a right to dress the way we want. Its like, you wanna wear something outrageous, most likely, you’re going out to club. There’s no way you’re… Continue reading Don’t Complain


outcast… tears falling down… drowned by the emptiness i feel inside… knocking off my brain… damn!!! what a life… full of regrets and sorrows… unwanted… thoughts of nothingness… breaking the silemce… of my fast beating heart… darkness… bestowed upon me… i was buried alive…

Death Awaits You All

You call me names and push me around. you think im a nothing. but what goes around comes around. you think you’re so much better than me just because you wear abercromie and i wear gothedout… but you dont even know what im all about. im glad to be an outcast, im glad to be… Continue reading Death Awaits You All