Forbidden Desires-erotica

Savine was sitting on the couch, bored as anything. She needed something to do….. or someone. She was waiting for Noel to come over. The anticipation of what she wanted to do to her was turning her on more than she could imagine. “Why was she taking so long”, Savine thought to herself. Just then… Continue reading Forbidden Desires-erotica

Untamed Passion

She was so beautiful. Her long black hair tapering down the back her long satin black dress. Her nipples hard underneathe the thin fabric, which of course was an indication that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She heard the doorbell rign, it was Tristan. She opened the door, Tristan’s mind and dick were happy to… Continue reading Untamed Passion

My Fantasy comes true ( not yet happened )

I sit at home all alone nothing but the radio is on, im talking to my friends on the computer, i get an instant message, it is from a gurl who is all alone and lives in Va Beach, she is bisexual also……. More……………. we start talking and i tell her my fantasy, well she… Continue reading My Fantasy comes true ( not yet happened )