What can i do to say im a goth but not saying it outright?

Hello, im now just entering grade 8.I count myself as a goth and am icalled one but i have no goth friends which means i need help to learn about goths.Unlike alot of parents my parents will elt me wear black and studded stuff but they will refuse to know me as there goth son.I… Continue reading What can i do to say im a goth but not saying it outright?

goodbye kiss

(erotica) So I guess it was a Sunday evening, it was really stormy and humid, as always in Florida. I remember watching the sun set toward the West, introducing the black night sky. My parents had turned in already, leaving me awake and free in the night. At around 11:30, John’s black accord pulled outside… Continue reading goodbye kiss

will someone tell me what’s wrong w/me?

i’ve just recently relized that i’m not like other people around me. I’m not as happy or jolly as other people and myself would like me to be. i mean, i laugh till my stomach hurts if there is a funny joke on t.v. , but i just can’t bring myself to feel all that… Continue reading will someone tell me what’s wrong w/me?

Fuck it All

A collaborative effort of Sacrifice Theory and MourningStar2002. Posted with permission from the band Tears of Pain. Fuck It All Fuck the world, my so-called “friends.” I just want the pain to end. Fuck my parents. My life’s a living hell. Do anything you want, I promise I won’t tell. Lies and bull-shit words, Fuck… Continue reading Fuck it All

I hope I die, I think they want me to die

Is it just me or do people bring unwanted babies into the world, treat them like shit, make them miserable, and then say that they should be so lucky to have a roof over their heads and a meal on the table? I talked back because my parents want me to stay at home doing… Continue reading I hope I die, I think they want me to die

Lack of Attention

That was too much for him. He just couldn’t stand it anymore. His parents never paid him any attention and they certianly did not love him. They only loved his sister. However, things had not always been this way. Tommy was 8 years old when this all happened. His parents always neglected him and always… Continue reading Lack of Attention