love in a graveyard

It was tape for a blue girl was playing in the background.”sally” was getting ready to met “jack” at the concert. she put the finshing touches on her costume. she put on her black and white socks and shoes and ran out the house. she was going to be late if she didn’t hurry.… Continue reading love in a graveyard

Living life, or death… Chpt. 1

Vampire Standing there, leaning beside the great oak tree, Wess stood, fully conciouss now. He felt much better, a good drink always did. He let the rabbit go, as he heard a fox come near. “Us hunters must share…” he thought” take your part, my friend.” He walked out of the woods to his car… Continue reading Living life, or death… Chpt. 1

She Should not have been talking to him.

This stranger,so captivating he was intranced by her black pools of eyes. She was standing in front of him before he noticed she had taken a step. All he could do was stutter standing before such a great beauty.”Buy me a drink?” She asked holding an empty glass up so he could see. “Umm…uh…yea. Bartender?”


Standing amid the crush and throng of the human spool, there can be no redemption, no salvation. There is only yawning, gaping disappointment and frustration to fill our selfmade cells; even the emergent order of the inchoate ungulate masses cannot satisfy reason. What is this thing we yearn for? How can we yearn and strive… Continue reading Futility