the twisted vanity of life/topic-vampire

She was just barely 18. Her beauty should have peaked in her youthful years; it would have with others who had such a striking body. Her rosy cheeks, soft with love. Her hair, like rays of the brightest sunshine. Her skin, the palest white, like virgin snow that had fallen on a window pane in… Continue reading the twisted vanity of life/topic-vampire

A Perfect World

She stands staring into the moonlit sky, Loving or loathing, we would never know. Living in the false world that loved her, Dying in a cold reality. Tears glisten in her once beautiful eyes, Her spirit cries, yet nobody knows. Softly she cries in her cold dark prison, The needle slowly washing her life away.… Continue reading A Perfect World

Sometimes death seems easier.

laying awake at night just wondering is all this worth it. is all the pain the hate and the lies we go through really worth life. life seems to be a never ending pain that seems to grow stronger by the day. well this is the first entry i’ve made just my view on how… Continue reading Sometimes death seems easier.


You know how sometimes you just end up staring out at nothing while you think, “I wish I died, why haven’t I yet?” Well I found myself doing just that, again. but this time I, very unfortunately, I said it out loud.