Past Present and Future

Myself, me the only survivor of my past a solitary black orb black yet colorless spreading my bloody wings scarred and bruised as they are then drawing them back retracing my steps like a bad salsa dance repeated a roseo f black petals blooming to let the corrosive rain drip in an explosive volcanic rock… Continue reading Past Present and Future


Darkness Your eyes conform to its surroundings searching for some similarity stored in memory A wave of indifference fills your soul You wake up wondering why you’re still breathing All you’ve worked for…gone All you’ve loved…died Yet you’re still here…some how Unaware of your fate, you reclaim your place on which you lay, feeling and… Continue reading Throne


VALANCE I bring the fever of a thousand bees Pollination of a high intensity Lost stories behind canine teeth Another mirage of my relief Patterns of surgery inept to release The energy; I bleed I hear the winds voice beneath the shadows of choice Aromas of eternity And I hold the tendency!


Roses, beautiful, deadly roses. They do not look as though they could harm, but they do. Grip it the wrong way and jirk back in suprise as thin streams of blood trickle down your arm. I stare at the rose that resembles the shade of my blood so perfictaly, so beautifully against it’s petals.