Societally vexed

Society is a plague, it’s been said before… “the person is smart but the people are dumb”, conformity riddles the never ending agenda of daily life along with the violent but hushed death of free thought. The few keeping it alive are vastly outnumbered by modernized mindless zombies. The freedom of life, the only right… Continue reading Societally vexed

talent gone to waste

He sat with his back to her, sat and played his songs. From the piano Raven pulled melodies of love, lust, and toture. He played all the things he had known in life. It was all so hauntingly beautiful. Jade stood behind him and gently rubbed his neck. She loved when he played for her.… Continue reading talent gone to waste

I’ve empty-headed news, sirs.

Dear Friends: Oh jeez. You are lost. Labels? This is a negative term. A negative one. Labels are what you, of all people should avoid. They destruct, diminish and destroy everything that means anywhere within in the realm of anything. Kid, why don’t you just read a fucking book or take a long walk, rather… Continue reading I’ve empty-headed news, sirs.