poem: ragdoll

i don’t belong 2 u i’m not yours 2 do with what u want you’ll get no luv no sex from me from your ex-plaything i’m not your heroin anymore can’t just shoot me up then leave me lying there alone & empty

Poem: lie

lie to make me feel better lie to compliment my self-esteem lie to make me want you lie to make me scream lie to change my mind lie to fuel my anger lie to rip apart my sanity lie to take away the danger *(plz tell me what u think)*

Poem – Black Rose Immortal

My beautiful black rose stands out among the rest. It holds more beauty than that of the surrounding roses. My rose captures more feeling. Thousands of red roses envelope my lonely rose. Yet my rose draws more attention. It strikes the eye of every passerby. Lovely, velvet, red… It makes your heart lift with joy,… Continue reading Poem – Black Rose Immortal


I’m dying I’m waiting for you My heart breaks, My soul shakes But I’m Still here Waiting for you This pain it’s blinding But I can still see you Your light stayes on and on Just don’t leave me alone Don’t leave me alone I’m crying I’m choking my love Come find me Come rescue… Continue reading poetic