Poison Lemonade

If only you were still here with me I’d pour you a glass of my broken heart And watch you raise the glass to the lips that once were mine I’d stare as the poison slid down your throat And watch your once beautiful face grow pale I’d stand there as you’d start to choke

Cheater, Cheater. Poison Eater.

(Small writing about an Ex of mine whom I hate with a passion for cheating on me, I commend his painful death.) Alone, wishing for what was once there Missing your perfect hair Remembering your emotionless eyes When we said out goodbyes You said I was just too different I said this is the way… Continue reading Cheater, Cheater. Poison Eater.


use me, abuse me, play me, lie to me, fuck me, hurt me, beat me, push me, throw me, force me, make me take it, attack me, make me suffer, tie me down, leave me, cut me, punch me, kick me, pull me down, shut me up, burn me, poison me, choke me, pass me… Continue reading Me…

the truth of life

it seems to me that life indeed is feeled with tears and misoury the joy may come but it quickly desends things thought to be forever twist and bend love is poison ends in pain our thoughts unspoken theres nothing to gain were born to live and in life we try but the only truth… Continue reading the truth of life