Pool of Darkness…

Don’t you see me Don’t you see my pain Can’t you help me Are you to good to help a person Or are you to full of yourself Please reach out your hand and pull me Out….. Out of my pool of darkness.

my gift

sitting here without a friend by my side, i read your pleas and the words you cry. you’re slitting your wrists the crimson blood dripping and pooring down your arms. I look to my own and i see the slice, the blood and all of my pain, suffering, hate, and fear leave my body and… Continue reading my gift

She Is Now Forever Mine

She is walking down the darkened street as the lamps flicker on and off and all is quiet.I am hiding in the shadows behind the bushes,my black cloak hiding me from sight. I see her,her raven black hair cascading down her back just below her slender waist,her icy pool of crystal blue eyes. She walks… Continue reading She Is Now Forever Mine