(reply to) the posers?

Posers is just another fucking label!! I personally hate labels. If you label your-self you are just trying to prove something.Posers arent anything they are people like you and me just givin a label. If they want to pretend to be something they are not let them it is their life and it doesnt affect… Continue reading (reply to) the posers?


Nympthus was head of a secret underground coven, only real Vampyres could get in and not the posers, you know who I’m talking about you pulse loving bleeding bastards! Anyway, he had a part time job working nights as a local bar tender for a club called ‘Poor Richard’, he was dealin’ up some drinks… Continue reading Nympthus

The posers?

I have read over a little of these entries, i have found one thing shocking. It is the use of the word posers. What makes a poser a poser?

how can ur mind set ruin ur perfectly preppy form of bein

ok , i just realised that i’ve wasted 2 years in middle school and now i officially entered my local high school with bunch of closed minded fucks. the thing is, i was perfectly normal lookin (yea, image, yet my mind-set didnt quite match my outfits), damn, im tall, skinny (model lookin bitch, but somehow… Continue reading how can ur mind set ruin ur perfectly preppy form of bein

little short and useless statement

(Darkness or gothic topic, if both, all the better) ce n’est pas l’habillement qui fait la personne mais la personne qui fait l’habillement… (It’s not the clothing that determins the person yet the person that determins the clothing) all these posts about being goth, posers, what is being goth about, not wearing happy clothing, etc… Continue reading little short and useless statement


POSERS=the individuals who try to be some thing their not. PREPPIES=the stuck up individuals ,who think no matter who you are, their better than you. JOCKS=the individuals who live their life for playing and watching sport,while trying to be the best athlete. LOSERS=the individuals who almost every one neglects,that stay in their groups that consists… Continue reading why?

poser my ass

i get called a poser constantly, why? what the hell do all the ‘normal’ people know about being goth. its not what you look like, its the person you are. so stop calling peopel posers when you dont even understand what they are in the first place. if you cant be youself dont critisize those… Continue reading poser my ass