No Turning Back – (poetic)

Hearts broken, Tears fallen. Thousand promises turns blank. Cold and Alone, body shivers, End of the road, hope quivers. Razor by hand she foolishly think, “Should this be the end? Shall heaven be my guide? Leaving the plains of sorrow, once my body die?” With a pencil she writes, to her love ones goobye. Than… Continue reading No Turning Back – (poetic)

Useless Ramblings

Wasted, alone, empty, ashamed and weak… too many words for too little a thought. Wishing away the life I lead, promises that fell on deaf ears, likes and dislikes of all those who would rather lead the way than follow behind in the shadow, too damn fucking introverted to come out. Manic feelings, children stealing,… Continue reading Useless Ramblings