PUPPETMASTER set for a Reboot

I don’t know if this is a good thing or not. On the one hand, I love the PUPPETMASTER films, as any frequent reader of this site already should know. Seeing more PUPPETMSTER films, spiffed-up, with bigger budgets and more lavish production values, sounds awfully promising—on paper. But in reality? It’s not like the PUPPETMASTER… Continue reading PUPPETMASTER set for a Reboot

The Puppet Master

They are his puppets, his toys. How he controls their lives so easily. He moves; all his pawns follow, obeying his thoughts. They are marionettes; being dangled by the strings of fate. They dance to unheard music, a tune of fear, sadness, and death; never joy or life. Those concepts have been forgotten; for the… Continue reading The Puppet Master