Etherial Queen

Do that stars call out your name? There is no reason Each day is just the same, Blurring seasons. All the same, All the same. There is nothing in this! I don’t need your reasons! This is just a hole, Crying out into forever. EVE is calling me To rid me of this There is… Continue reading Etherial Queen

Alone Again

Death is my enemy, for I thought bein a vampire you have cheated death in his own game. All lies for my queen was takin from me. I want her back, for I do not wanna spend my time alone in the shadows.

A Warning

I fear not death, for I am death. I am the protector of all those who are dead but living. I fear nothin, and I care for nothin but I queen. And to all those who are searchin for my bride I tell u now……