Fuck you, For all that I’m going through You wil never understand my agony and rage All I want is bitter-sweet revenge bitter-sweet as if the taste of blood lingering on my lips.. So with this knife I will take you life and lead you to torture Then maybe he will realize the sick thoughts… Continue reading i WILL WIN..~(HE IS MINE…)

the fallen

hate blood destruction fire apathy chaos burning hell shattered concrete rubble metal iron incinerating skies burning clouds the world a seething mass of people fighting forfood fighting for water fighting to fight, to destroy, to be destroyed to get away from this hell a daily struggle to survive but nobody wants to yet they don’t… Continue reading the fallen

Destruction Left from the Rapist/abuser

Chorus This is the pain I feel This is the love I haven’t received These are the scars that peel These are the destroyed things I need Pain lost in the 3rd sense Creeping into the forefront Of a withered battlefield Pain brought back from a bang Nothing is left Nothing is remembered from the… Continue reading Destruction Left from the Rapist/abuser