The Flames

Ashes fall like tear drops From the weeping fire Coating the ground in a Field of gray snow of sorrow In rain, those ash of memory are turned to mud And are washed away…


Forgive the girl that doesn’t know, What she has done, Look at what she has left to show, To all who cared. Forgive the girl that was always alone, Even in the largest crowds, All thats left of her now are bones, Surrounded by her misery. Forgive the girl who will feel the pain, From… Continue reading Forgive

That Quaint Shallow Grave

THis is a poem i hop to be posted under darkness poems! That quaint shallow grave, Giftwrapped in withered flowers, decades dead, Who are these strange mourners with bloodied hands? Each glaring eye like a clouded shining moon. That quaint shallow grave, Carnally smeared with intense desperate reaches for love, Or how “love” is interpreted… Continue reading That Quaint Shallow Grave