no one was there for me to talk to no one was at my side you did this to me you used and confused me you left me alone to die you didnt mind, you didnt care i was just there your little disposable play thing on the bed beneathe the covers a helpless human… Continue reading rape


Rape my vulnerable disillusioned state again, Disclose your obvious intentions and carry out this precarious performance, Your instinctive seduction elapses with perpetual insufficiencies of conscience and compassion, The friction of the your heated caress lingers as my tolerance is compromised

rape part four

“Don’t worry.” Kyle said. “You’ll get past him.” Shane nodded and looked down at Assandra’s motionless body. She looks so beautiful that way, he thought. Shane carefully put Assandra down on the floor and put his boots on. He lifted her back up and nodded toward the door. Kyle opened the door and let Shane… Continue reading rape part four