Sweet 16

Dry your eyes Fake a smile Hide your scars Rest awhile Wrap yourself in misery My blood to keep you warm So bruised, broken tainted Bask in the glow of denial Slave to the razor Chain’d to the mirror Sweet 16

the vampire pathalogical lie (true)

This is all true……… I’m a pathological liar (that means if you say something to yourself enough times you’ll start to believe your own lies), but anywayz, I keep telling people that I’m a 573 year old vampire by turn, but 591 by birth. They really think I am a Vampire because I bite people… Continue reading the vampire pathalogical lie (true)

Things to Come

Once there was a young girl named Lee. She was not very attractive, and not very nice. she olny had three friends in the whole world, none of which she could really count on. There was Marie, who seemed to only be interested in her own happiness, Jean who didnt care about anything but herself,… Continue reading Things to Come