Metamorphsis: A comical view from Prep to Goth

Author Note: I made this to put a little comic tone into the goth section, so I hope you all enjoy…I base this off my own experiance (were not all born goth, ya’ know) and the change of others. Enjoy. Step One: Realization: Hi! And welcome to Goth Labs…we really don’t do anything at Goth… Continue reading Metamorphsis: A comical view from Prep to Goth

Realization & Exceptance

Fuck man, fuck. Its always the same, no matter what I do I cant change anything. Im sick of this shit, its like, nothing I ever do will matter. Its that feeling, that feeling that even though its my life and my body and mind I have control over nothing.

Necrolette, Part 1, Realization

I rounded the corner, almost slipping in the rainy streets. I peered around the corner hoping for a clear path to safety. My hideout. My hair was dripping now, falling in my face and distracting me from the task at hand. I brushed my hair back with my hands, covered i filth from falling thrice… Continue reading Necrolette, Part 1, Realization