the grasp of hipochracy

as a youth in america you are subdood into thinking that christianity is the only plausable path.Why should that be ,it is just as rediculious to pray to a anglo-saxon slave laborer that was crucified as it is to pay omedge to a tree,a rock,or the air. religion is all about what comforts you so… Continue reading the grasp of hipochracy

Paganism, Some people just don’t know shit

You know it’s almost sicking to here some people bitch about how good of a wiccan they are, or how good their getting at it. “I know more shit than you do”, replied the whiny stupid fucking moron. You know if I can recall, now give me a sec, shit there it is, paganism is… Continue reading Paganism, Some people just don’t know shit

Someone Guide me

Ok, I just moved to a new school and I was admitted in the “black clad” group. They asked me if I wanted to join Wicca. I know it’s a religion, but I don’t know anything about it. Can someone please let me know the basics?

too stoned to think, but i think too much to stop, just a thought

How do people get stuck in a world they want no part of? How do they find themselves here without meaning to. You can’t go anywhere without wanting to, so how can you get here without wanting to be here. It’s like you’re trapped. And there is nothing that you can do about it. How… Continue reading too stoned to think, but i think too much to stop, just a thought

Heelllppp, please!

I am looking for information on when, how and why Witchcraft became legally recognized as a religion. I’m looking for this information for a school report, and also, because the more I search, and the more trouble I have finding information on the subject, the more curious and frusterated I get! Can anyone help?

Help yourself

What is up with the people who think that they have the answer to all of life’s problems? People have different solutions to all kinds of different problems and no one that I have come across seems to think that. They promote one solution, conformity. Conformity as in giving in, or conformity to the Church.… Continue reading Help yourself