If only

you sit below her window hoping shell look out hoping shell her the pelting rocks you sit there and sit there if only you knew if only youd heard the screams of her mother if only… shes laying on the floor. bleeding… the broken shards of the blood stained glass lay inches away if only… Continue reading If only


Cragged vessel hewn with thought. Who’s timbers of want are bound by uncertainties. Motioned by sails of desire. Bourne adrift on tides of need Winds speak words Tears on each waves wake. Would you not fetch upon the rocks To easy your load upon the edges To sail my mind no more To have this… Continue reading Vessel

The Stream

The water runs blood red as I look at the decaying corpse lying in the middle of the stream. When all of a sudden further down I hear a scream. A blood curling scream for the sight of something that was seen, up the bank by the stream.

Making Mistakes

It shouldn’t have happened…but it did. I watched Josh as he walked into the theatre, my eyes tracing his outline. He was so handsome…and so taken. I’d wanted him since the day I met him, but he never noticed me. Sure, we were friends — I was his “little sister.”