You Wonder Why

You wonder why I cut myself. Can’t You see I hurt myself so that I can’t feel the pain that you cause me. You ask how I can do this to you and my family. Fuck you fuck my family they aren’t going through what I am. They don’t feel the pain each person inflicts.


You first poisoned me with you kiss And made it something I would miss You started making me hurt and feel pain Seems to me that it was all just a game But in this game you’re not a winner nor a loser You’re only an abuiser


Your gaze, your eyes run over me I feel it burning in to my skin. I feel the lust comeing from your body. You know how to wind your word in to my mind. You have the konwlege, the over powering gift of lies. You gain my trust whith the lies you tell. Your hand,… Continue reading Touched