Purify the earth

i am the life, the death, the immortal i am the dark commander reigning in darkness souls falling beneath my fiery sword purify cleansing the earth with crimson tide land stained with the blood of the innocent killing indiscriminately with pleasure listening to the screams of the victims purify we are the ones who in… Continue reading Purify the earth

If only

you sit below her window hoping shell look out hoping shell her the pelting rocks you sit there and sit there if only you knew if only youd heard the screams of her mother if only… shes laying on the floor. bleeding… the broken shards of the blood stained glass lay inches away if only… Continue reading If only


Flowers bloom While the sinister walk Sleeping for days While the weak get caught Draining my children And hearing their screams Walking through darkness Alone a disease


Rip that shit you call a hear out of your chest Smash it to the ground Watch it shatter like glass Try to pick up the pieces Put them back together Could you imagine how that feels? That’s what you put me threw I’d kill you if I could Rip you apart The blood curdling… Continue reading Eradicate

chaosity 1999

chaosity is my name, chaos is what i do best. i have smelt the stench of it, i have tasted the blood of it. i have heard the screams of it, i have felt the rotting flesh of it. Yes i am chaos, CHAOSITY99.


< > all the pain you cause me has driven me to death i cant sit here and listen to these angry screams and tears i dont know what to do im falling apart inside my heart is dead my soul is dead i am dead