I feel you pulsing, quick and calm. I hear you calling my name and I answer, moaning in pain and pleasure. I’ve heard the voices; telling me you’ve used me just to fill your hopeless voids. And it’s okay because my pain pleases both of our senses. Your nails scrape at my wrists and the… Continue reading Truth

invade me

invade me and full me with your esence, invade me and feed me with your lust, invade me and destroy our distance, invade me and explote my senses with your everything, invade me and let me taste your flavour ones more, invade me and show me the place, where I never gonna be alone again,… Continue reading invade me

“The Duality of Existence”

I lie in quiet fascination of this sleeping body beside me. Our breath flowing in practiced rhythm to the drum roll of our heartbeats. My senses fill with that indescribable yet all too familiar scent. I still remember. My hand laid across her skin, feeling her warm life beneath my calloused fingers. I clench her… Continue reading “The Duality of Existence”

iron ledge

into the yard i still walk slowly… between the graves i might find the bullets. in the eyes, in the middle of your foreheads, thoughts will be stolen from thee. tonite is going be late, the shine is rising by now, everything new, everything lightly.

Rebellion Against Nature, Acceptance by Default

i am angry. yes, i am indeed. anger that i’ve let in voluntarily for the first time since the last time i had let it loose. though, it’s not the same furious anger that whips out at anything in range. but the coldness is there. and it’s real. i am angry at people thinking and… Continue reading Rebellion Against Nature, Acceptance by Default