Things People Do For Love..

Death Her hands pushed the hair delicately behind her ear as she sat in the office. The clock now read ten minutes until midnight and she had the usual eight o’clock deadline for the article she was doing. After a few tiring hours of typing she finally finished it up and pressed the send button.… Continue reading Things People Do For Love..

Deadly Apologies I

Prelude- Ari Catyar was seventeen years old, and she basically kept to herself. Ari had so much talent, she could easily do things no other human could. Not only could she move things with her mind, or interpret what other people were thinking, Ari could smell anything that was within two miles from where she… Continue reading Deadly Apologies I

Shadow Mergers- complete insanity on my part

Shadow MergersInsanity lurks around every corner. Like a panther it blends with the night and swiftly seeks its prey. A shadow twitches and I jump. There is no time to rest, no time to sleep. My only thought is to escape. To seek the meager safety of the wilderness. The compound is dark and filled… Continue reading Shadow Mergers- complete insanity on my part