Am i alone? alone in this world? I shed tears in the dark…alone. sometimes i like being alone. Will i die alone? will i be alone? Will you die alone? I am alone with death. And death is alone with me, stalking me. anywhere i turn, im alone. Am i scared of death? I horrified… Continue reading Alone

No More

No more lies, just let it all out. You’re hurting yourself, more than you think. You’ll lose what you hold dear, all because of one simple fact untold. You’re hurting him, you know you are. If you loved him like you say, you would have told him already. You’ve lied too much, You hurt him… Continue reading No More

Death of My Only Friend: Part Two, Georgia Revealed

—-From what I gathered Amber talked to my parents, Danny, and Georgia. We were returned to my parents less than a week later. Georgia, Danny, and I all slept in the same room. On the nights when mom went to work the late shift Georgia slept in dad’s room. The simple fact that my father… Continue reading Death of My Only Friend: Part Two, Georgia Revealed