Is There Any End To This?!?!?

Is There Any End To This?!?!? Emotional Torment Not a single way to sedate Dried up in draught Not a single tear to shed Endless dreadfull nights Restless from tearless cries Is there any end to this? Look up, Down All around Nobody’s there Look over, under And look through No one to care Agonizing… Continue reading Is There Any End To This?!?!?

Angel of Sin

Darkness boils in her blood Hate rages beneath her veins Her past is nailed to her spine With hate and rage brings unforgotten memories of Being whipped and tormented by unforgiving eyes She’s forever telling lies and endless goodbyes Chained down by feelings of affection and abhorrence Cut loose from reality She’s tailgated by by… Continue reading Angel of Sin

A Reflection of Snow

The morning broke with eerie silence, the ground below him cracked and dry, covered in snow. Could see his breath with every gasp, but the air was not cold. The canopy of branches overhead allowed threads of the new day’s sunlight to trail down leaving the forest spotted like a leopard. Where the sun hit… Continue reading A Reflection of Snow