Into paradisical hell

And so it has begun, my journey into this paradisical hell. I am in darkness surrounded by light. “Welcome to Florida!” the sign was large, and glowing with an eerie crimson. Tiny little razor-clawed demons perched on its corners with a knowing sinister grin. Their eyes seemed to narrow even as their smiles widened and… Continue reading Into paradisical hell


There have been some new changes. Some new things on the way, as I slowly test them to make sure everything is still goin to work smoothly. I’m moving any Important News from me, into a category at the right: News from Sire. If you are having any problems, check there first.

New Theme

Darksites has a new theme, and desperately needs a logo of some sort to match its new style. In order to test the new theme, you must have already created an account with darksites. Then select Your Profile and Change the theme to DS. Let us know if you experience any problems with it and… Continue reading New Theme

To Sire

I am a member of your site and visit for the reading material available (also contributing) and find a remarkable amount of the offerings presented to be stylishly written and very compelling reading. As I’m sure you’d agree, this is not always the case with erotica. The reason I am writing to you is because… Continue reading To Sire