Tattered skull, ruptured lungs Swimming in a pool of blood As time ticks by, The end draws near Closing in on all you fear Veins popping through the skin Hands are severed, wrists are slit Eyes bulging out of the head Watching everything as it slows All the blood makes a stream Strands of muscle… Continue reading untitled

Short Tort (Unfinished)

“…sometime the unfinished works are the worst appetizers for the better novels….” Through the tombstones I shall creep, and glare with crimson eyes. In points puddles, my nails shall steep, and shroud my heart with lies. Flesh has rend and fallen down, I drag it where I stride. The smell of rot upon my crown,… Continue reading Short Tort (Unfinished)


Okay, I was really pissed off at this girl at work the other day, so I had to vent. Danyel, her voice is that of a whiny little brat, that continues to ask,”are we there yet, are we there yet?”