Destruction Left from the Rapist/abuser

Chorus This is the pain I feel This is the love I haven’t received These are the scars that peel These are the destroyed things I need Pain lost in the 3rd sense Creeping into the forefront Of a withered battlefield Pain brought back from a bang Nothing is left Nothing is remembered from the… Continue reading Destruction Left from the Rapist/abuser


a single leaf falls on the frozen ground silence the loudest noise to be heard deafeningly frigid wind rushing past blowing the leaves around his black cloaked body standing, waiting for something although no one knows what the tall boy with black and red hair standing alone…always alone wearing his Cradle of Filth shirt and… Continue reading Love


A hand made thin and pale. A hand, scarred and reaching, finds no other. Look up and reach out. Surely there will be a guiding light. Surely there will be a sense of where to go. Surely there will be a slap to the face and a sad disgrace and you will doubt again.