My Dream – MourningStar plz Read:)

Ok. This was from quite a while ago, and I keep forgetting to post it. Quite a while ago, somebody posted their dream. And Mourning Star happened to be very good at analysing them:) And (s)he? said (s)he would do one of mine if i put it up. Well, I don’t know if this has… Continue reading My Dream – MourningStar plz Read:)

Sickness Without Slumber

Sickness Without Slumber Written by Nickolaus A. PacionePhotograph by Erica Thompson Understanding is what sits alone within our torments. The thoughts that would remain as I would hear my own footsteps going up a long, narrow stairway – which is a dark, midnight blue as the winter night. I was trying to make my way… Continue reading Sickness Without Slumber