That Quaint Shallow Grave

THis is a poem i hop to be posted under darkness poems! That quaint shallow grave, Giftwrapped in withered flowers, decades dead, Who are these strange mourners with bloodied hands? Each glaring eye like a clouded shining moon. That quaint shallow grave, Carnally smeared with intense desperate reaches for love, Or how “love” is interpreted… Continue reading That Quaint Shallow Grave

Looking Back at 11:33 (Part 2~Vengeance)

As a dull blade runs down your flesh I’ll laugh at your tears, now running fresh. And I’ll tell you to remember A few weeks back When you broke my heart Incentive to break your neck. I’ll kill you twice Maybe three times at best. I’ll put all my pain and sorrow to rest. Your… Continue reading Looking Back at 11:33 (Part 2~Vengeance)


SMILE! I’m smiling WAVE! I’m waving LAUGH! I’m laughing CRY! I’m crying LIES! They’re lieing DIE! I’m dieing

“The Fake…Fake everything”

Why is it that everyone is interested in the spurious these days? Why can’t what’s real count There are alot of things that can be imaginated, but in reality the imaganitive things are the fake Why dream for something phony, something that will never be possible The non-existant shouldn’t matter, For it has no effect… Continue reading “The Fake…Fake everything”