I live for a life none existant I die for a feeling of cure Your breath warms my shivering body And the image you feed me is pure Your kiss fills my mind with expression You arms are a snake around mine My heart feels so empty without you But to be with you makes… Continue reading You

Senseless Desire 4

“I am you in your dream,” the words whispered again,” reality is changing, rearranging as I speak.” The voice faded, attention diverted to the sparsely clouded sky. Ribbons of light trailing to the ground. Racing across the field, horizon to horizon. Nothing blocked the view except a single oak tree, set dead center on the… Continue reading Senseless Desire 4

Dream 2

This time the dream comes slowly, seeping and oozing into my mind. My eyes closing, weights pushing against the lids. My energy is slowly being washed away into the blackness. Little clawed fingers painfully caress my brain, lulling it into submission and as I give in my last touch of feeling is a throbbing, reminder… Continue reading Dream 2