The Child That Was Never There

The gray lifeless sky spreads its heavy wings across the holy ground. within its cover the clouds swell with moisture.Clear rain drops pound upon the grass and graestones in rhythm with natures beating drum. deep in the silence a child curls under a shriveled ghostly tree. its branches are limp and crooked with no leaves… Continue reading The Child That Was Never There


hey , have any of you played ALICE by american mcgee’s alice? if so could someone tell me where i can get a large picture with most of the characters that i can have used as a tatoo ? please tell me !

just another rose

it’s just another day, just another love. just another sweet and gorgeous little girl for me to lust over, to sin as i think of what she could be enjoying. as i look over to her, clueless little girl, my blood rushes and the heart of me swells. i fall into yet another dream…