Thoughts of a Soldier

The heat and the sandstorms are the worst. I can deal with the idiots, and the transparency of their thoughts. Death is only a moment away, but it has somehow passed me by. I’ve looked into dead eyes, and heard the screams of friends and foes alike. Covered in blood, head to toe, I stood… Continue reading Thoughts of a Soldier

Soldier Of Darkness

Tempted by nothing, Bound by no pains, My wrath is as fierce as blood surely stains. Each part of my body, beaten and toned, Each skill i posses, sharpened and honed. An unstoppable weapon created by fate, Controlled by this mind, Driven by hate. I hold out a curved cold blade of silence, No angel… Continue reading Soldier Of Darkness

I am a Soldier

Well now you know. In 13 hours i deploy for the first time. i can’t say where to but its going to be rough. thats the Army liffe i chose. if i’m not back in 10 days something went wrong. this mission should last only 5-8 days. i want to say to those that wrote… Continue reading I am a Soldier