death-mistakes and regrets

A cut so neat and precise, easily worthy of any trained surgeon appeared on her wrist, as she felt the blade sink in to her soft, warm freshly tanned skin she turned her head to face him. Her jaw slowly sank, her eyes seemed quite different to how they normally look, no sparkle, you could… Continue reading death-mistakes and regrets

When its over…

It was one of those stormy nights again. She looked out at the night sky, her head resting against the plane of glass, its cool surface refreshing her. She was glad she was inside, sheltered from the weathers brewing hostility. It felt good she wasnt the only one suffering, there had to be someone out… Continue reading When its over…

(vampire)Deadly Apologies III

III- “Rykas… ugh, Rykas wake up already” Organto snarled. He threw himself on the couch giving up on her. Organto mumbled softly to himself, “I suppose I’ll just have to wait untill she wakes up.” Organto figured that she wouldn’t be up for a while, so he went out to his hideout. Meanwhile, Rykas was… Continue reading (vampire)Deadly Apologies III

Cant Save You

When I see him I die a litle more inside his eyes have lost their sparkle he looks at me menacingly

be your self.

hello people i just want to say hi to all of you and to thank all of you people who r gonna read this, well i got to say how is every body today, well what do we want any way huh all we want is to party and stuff like that so we should… Continue reading be your self.