The Wonders of being Labeled

(Gothic)Well a large topic on the site is ‘labels’. whether they call you ‘goth’ or ‘geek’ they usually mean the same thing. either scary (to them) or just out of the ordinary. I personally find it odd.. that though alot of us claim not to like labels.. we take it badly when we see ‘posers’.… Continue reading The Wonders of being Labeled

What can i do to say im a goth but not saying it outright?

Hello, im now just entering grade 8.I count myself as a goth and am icalled one but i have no goth friends which means i need help to learn about goths.Unlike alot of parents my parents will elt me wear black and studded stuff but they will refuse to know me as there goth son.I… Continue reading What can i do to say im a goth but not saying it outright?

just… why?

i just wanna know… why the fuck do i get shit? seriously ive never done ne thing to fuck with these people and they give me shit … ‘stupid slut’ ‘fucking tryhard slut’ … why would i bother if i wasnt being myself? i think its just people hate me for who i am …… Continue reading just… why?

dilemma … of my life….

Darkness!! the constant copanian on journey of my ilfe… By nature i’m not a “gothic” as others might define but somany times i have urges that turns me into that pure beast, which is as connected to darkness and pain-death as to spikes and heavy metal… but in normality i find my self standing before… Continue reading dilemma … of my life….

Mom says, Mom thinks, Mom may have a Point?

Moving…back on this subject. Mom says I need to make myself over over the summer, before we move. You know, no more black clothing, no more weird assed bracelets & necklaces, no more black nails, no more spikes. I say no and that I’m going to keep wearing this stuff. Mom doesn’t think they’ll accept… Continue reading Mom says, Mom thinks, Mom may have a Point?

The Cuts

I always wanted a hardcore gothic boyfriend who would love me in a crazy weird way. I met someone like that at a friends party one night he was just sitting there with his black shirt,pants, and spikes everythng I wanted so i sat down next to him the first thing he said to me… Continue reading The Cuts