the creature i have become

As I walk into the darkness of the alley between two large apartment buildings, near the house I was disowned from and sent to live on the streets, I stare at the sky watching for the creature to come. I have only seen this creature three times before, but tonight I have a wierd feeling… Continue reading the creature i have become


The stains are all thats left The stains on the sheets The stains in your mind I’m gone now, I’m sorry Though I feel no regret I can’t help what has happened No blessing would heal me No memories faded As you promised my heart Freedom, Happiness, Love Neither of which I found And neither… Continue reading Stained

death-mistakes and regrets

A cut so neat and precise, easily worthy of any trained surgeon appeared on her wrist, as she felt the blade sink in to her soft, warm freshly tanned skin she turned her head to face him. Her jaw slowly sank, her eyes seemed quite different to how they normally look, no sparkle, you could… Continue reading death-mistakes and regrets


Where did all the ‘happiness’ go? Where did all the having fun go? Where is all the loving and caring people that told lies to my face? Where is all the anger coming from? Where is all the bloody stains on the floor come from? Where is all the boyfriends? Where….where….where?