Don’t Complain

Be thankful you’re in a society which even has Goths. Where i’m from, Singapore, Asia, its nothing but culture, culture, culture. Well, heck! I mean, we don’t even have a right to dress the way we want. Its like, you wanna wear something outrageous, most likely, you’re going out to club. There’s no way you’re… Continue reading Don’t Complain

The Inevitability

everything is unchanging and yet it changes so much alone here with the blood stained hands licking them clean as though i have done nothing wrong the beautiful blackness of the perfectly shaped orbs round and loving the way they never shunned u or said “you aren’t good enough for me” they love u consistently… Continue reading The Inevitability


in my room mind racing every voice every face every hand that has ever done me wrong the laughs the pointing the stares the remarks the anger all of it goes from my brain down my neck, crosses my heart runs down my arm into my hand and picks up the knife they all are… Continue reading fault

Fucked Up Teen

A collaborative effort of Sacrifice Theory and MourningStar2002. Posted with permission from the band Tears of Pain. Fucked Up Teen CHORUS They call me a fuck-up. But I don’t care. Just let them fucking stare. They call me a fuck-up. Maybe it’s true. But I don’t fucking need you END CHORUS It doesn’t take much… Continue reading Fucked Up Teen