Undying Love

Blair laid there, motionless, as Alex straddled over her and kissed her lips. She kissed him back almost absent-mindedly and let him caress her hair with his fair, and unaturally cold hands. He slipped off Blair’s shirt and began wiping up the blood from her stomach with his gifted tounge. Blair reluctantly made herself say,… Continue reading Undying Love

X.x One night of pleasure… My last night of pain… x.X

The tip of the blade, dancing up and down across my soft, vulnerable flesh. Barely touching me, sending shivers up my spine. Inching down my face, playing with my lips. Finally, a small cut is made on one side of my stomach. It doesn’t hurt, only a tiny sting. Then once again, I feel the… Continue reading X.x One night of pleasure… My last night of pain… x.X


The sting of steel and the hiss of the blade is my only home I watch as my comrades are hacked to pieces and I laugh I know I will never go down, then, the blade comes for me And I listen as the blood leaves my body, someone is laughing

The Children of the Abyss

Again the light shines no more. And so once again the fountains will fill with the watery blood of the fallen ones. With a divine vigor, we wallow in the infinite warmth of immortality. Plumes of fire thrust from the ground as skin slides upon skin in a serpentine orgy of lust and debauchery. Black… Continue reading The Children of the Abyss