Untamed Passion

She was so beautiful. Her long black hair tapering down the back her long satin black dress. Her nipples hard underneathe the thin fabric, which of course was an indication that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She heard the doorbell rign, it was Tristan. She opened the door, Tristan’s mind and dick were happy to… Continue reading Untamed Passion

it begins in the throat

topic/category thing : Darkness cant even look my friends and family in the eye because it just makes me want to cry, theres a really strange feeling that begins in my throat and goes right down to the pit of my stomach, , it peaks to a really undescribable, in a way i spose high,… Continue reading it begins in the throat

Reality check – into submisson

I’m working. It’s 10:40pm. I’ve been ‘working’ since 9:20am this morning. I went home around 6:00pm. Thought I’d get some done there. Little did I know… All I really wanted was a little bit of chemical stress relief. Today, as has been for about 3 days, was alcohol. Noticed I couldn’t get anything done there,… Continue reading Reality check – into submisson