Forbidden Desires-erotica

Savine was sitting on the couch, bored as anything. She needed something to do….. or someone. She was waiting for Noel to come over. The anticipation of what she wanted to do to her was turning her on more than she could imagine. “Why was she taking so long”, Savine thought to herself. Just then… Continue reading Forbidden Desires-erotica

A Poem of Ascension (and more afterwards)

We live in front of a beautifully illustrated back drop… a scenery that isn’t quite so real. We live in a “safe reality” where science reigns supreme and banality (this means disbelief) has taken control. A place where fairies, wizards, and vampires only exist on the t.v. screen. A place where magic is only card… Continue reading A Poem of Ascension (and more afterwards)