(For the poetry section. Thanks! 🙂 Bouncing sound off buildings Heels tap the concrete with each step Moonlight glistening silver Shows twisty paths already taken Dark wisps of cloud struggle to dim bright stars And the goddess shines down, knowing A weary voyager roams the streets below With heavy pack and battered soles While murmurs… Continue reading Searching

A Fact of Life

The ritualistic pain of life is never avoided. Some struggle through life with hardship after hardship. Some encounter brief periods of misfortune that take them by surprise. The latter, in my opinion, are the unlucky ones. Those whose entire life is hardship learn to adapt. They struggle for every goal, and thus enjoy them more.… Continue reading A Fact of Life


Depression clings to all of our minds, feeding on our negative thoughts inside. Growing with every bad emotion in us, Learning all of our weaknesses. Slowly it consumes the mind, making us nothing but an emotional mess, Revealing to us the true world, and making us feel like something less. Depression eats away our happiness,… Continue reading Depression


a month ago i attempted to kill my self i had gone into my room late at night every one was asleep i pulled the knife out of my bed i held it to my wrist i made a little gash on the corner of my hand but then i looked at my little brother… Continue reading attempted