I’ve promised the one I love that I won’t I’ve promised my friends I won’t I’ve promised myself I won’t Well, I broke my promise I couldn’t help it She just got worse Oh how I loathe her Her life is my pain Her death would be my sweet release Oh the joy that would… Continue reading *~HER~*


This suffering I can no longer endure I can’t see myself without you From the moment we met I knew IT just took me to long to realize it You’re everything I can’t find within myself People say i’m crazy, but I want to be with you This is new to me I can’t remember… Continue reading untitled


My world, It’s own painful reality. My soul, Stricken with sorrow. My hope, Dissipating into regret. My heart, Shallow and worthless. My eyes, Tear stained and blind. My reality, So cold it burns, Sickening and regretful. I’m trapped in this morbid place, This hole inside, Flooding with crimson water. The water that once saved me,… Continue reading Inside


stop wasting pain i like the pain i like the agony come to death as one try to escape as them the pain feels good blood flowing laying there soaking drenched continue the beatings continue the tears rip away that smile gentle pain gentle suffering gentle death stop wasting it all