I’m in a house, suposidly where my mom grew up. It’s near the wood, and it’s partially run down. A bunch of people are there that i know, class mates, and family. I’m with a guy for whom i like, we seem to be close. We’re all playing games, and I’m looking at pictures, supposed… Continue reading Dream

Something to solve some problems

You know what everybody???When ppl say stuff or they label u or don’t, DO NOT CARE. Its their fucking opinion and should it matter 2 u?? NO. So if you hear some asshole saying ure a loser ignore him! Those ppl are FUCKHEADS. Just putting this as a suggestion NOT a statement


You admin seem a little backed up with 170+ submissions to slosh through. Shall we suggest maybe another admin? Not only take more stress off of you, but more submissions for others to read!