Darkness Your eyes conform to its surroundings searching for some similarity stored in memory A wave of indifference fills your soul You wake up wondering why you’re still breathing All you’ve worked for…gone All you’ve loved…died Yet you’re still here…some how Unaware of your fate, you reclaim your place on which you lay, feeling and… Continue reading Throne

Nex Ut Totus Quisnam Hic, Part 2

Billy went home still not believing in his good luck. He was finally going to be popular. He had memorized the maps. He knew every cavern, tunnel, and wall. He knew where to find the engravings and what they all would say. They would have to wait for him. They couldn’t do it by themselves.… Continue reading Nex Ut Totus Quisnam Hic, Part 2

The little Darkling

A harsh grinding noise. Little black shoes on dirty pavement. Small girl walking down some dark street. Legs keeping time with the beat of her heart. She glanced around at her surroundings and saw the uniform grey bulidings. She didn’t like this place, worse this place didn’t like her. She couldn’t remember how she had… Continue reading The little Darkling

Could it have been child abuse?

I never thought that it could have happened to me. I always thought I had a good childhood and a good family. But this depression thing for me is to much and not easy to cope with. I decided that I would go back and think of my childhood. I remember things that not only… Continue reading Could it have been child abuse?