Dance With Darkness

vampire/erotica After working my evening shift and getting home, the thought of food came upon me. I didn’t have much in my apartment for food, but luckily, I had a five dollar bill on hand, so I figured why not just walk around the corner to Taco Bell? I decided to change into some black… Continue reading Dance With Darkness

A Vampire’s Journey

Chapter Two “Two Endured Souls” His romance wrapped around me like an angel’s wings. Soft and comforting. He kissed my lips deeply and passionately making me want him more and more. His fingers danced across my soft pale skin up to my breasts and he rubbed and squeezed them making me moan louder. He began… Continue reading A Vampire’s Journey

Chaotic Kiss: Chapter 3: Yule time feasting.

(Authors Note: The early part of this chapter includes some rather…taboo erotica, nothing graphic, but enough so those of high moral and rather ‘todays’ societical views should take. If you don’t want to read it, then go live in the facade of the thing you call civilization, becasue I write whats on my mind,and what… Continue reading Chaotic Kiss: Chapter 3: Yule time feasting.

He will never know how deep her sea of love for him is… never. She can tell you one thing though.. He will always know that she loved him… and she will always be in his heart…

He was the gothic prince. His short spiked hair that stuck up in crimson red spears sharp enough to piece skin. The many spiked chains, necklaces, and bracelets on him which stood out distinctly near his pale white skin.